Lessons learned in Rotorua

Approximately 230km south of Auckland is Rotorua, the second stop on our NZ journey. It was our first long drive in our then newly purchased van and we learned a few important things from that experience. One lesson was learned in the middle of the night while we were sleeping in the van. I discovered... Continue Reading →



Back in the beginning of our journey, during our two week stint in Auckland, we made a trip out to one of the islands by the city, Rangitoto. It's a short 30 minute ferry ride from downtown Auckland to the island with multiple departures to and from throughout the day. Fun Facts: Rangitoto is a... Continue Reading →

Greetings from Windy Welly!

Is "Windy Welly" a name that Wellingtonians dislike, similar to how people from SF don't like when outsiders call it "San Fran". We're here in Wellington! Yesterday Robert and I started the next leg of our journey, we're staying stationary for one whole month! A whole month stationary! I can't believe it. I'm relieved and... Continue Reading →

To the North!

We're back in the North Island! First things first. The South Island is so insanely beautiful, sometimes it was unbearably beautiful, I would have to scold Robert to keep his eyes on the road while driving. Everyone told us the South Island was incredible and that we would love it and boy were they right.... Continue Reading →

One whole month!

It's been one whole month (and a couple of days)! My laptop is back in my hands and we're in Queenstown. A little over two weeks ago, while we were in Rotorua, my laptop decided that it wanted to decommission itself. Luckily, the one year warranty came to save the day and now it's back... Continue Reading →

What have we been up to?

Here’s a rough timeline of all the things we’ve done so far in Auckland: Day 1: Arrive and walk! Here’s a map of the walk, it covered a bit of ground. I was shocked by how many asian restaurants (along with asian people) there were, my tummy is most delighted (by the restaurants not the... Continue Reading →

Road Trip!

In 3 days, we’ll have been in New Zealand for two weeks! Robert and I have spent the majority of our time here in Auckland and we’re both very ready to get out of here. It was enough time, perhaps more than enough, for us to do a lot of Auckland sight seeing and planning,... Continue Reading →

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