Blue and Green Lakes

Near the Whakarewarewa Forest are two lakes, one green and one blue, hence their names. On the day we were departing Rotorua, it happened to be an incredibly clear and beautiful sunshiney day. So we tied the laces on our hiking boots and did a walk around Blue Lake and part way towards Green Lake.

Blue Lake

Length: 4.5km, roughly 1.5 hours

It’s a beautiful hike and a very easy one. The track is a loop and it’s clear, wide, and pretty flat. For the majority of it you get a beautiful view of the lake inbetween the shrubs and tree ferns. At some point you veer inland a little and the track connects with the track to Green Lake, which we ended up doing, but we didn’t go too far into that part of the hike. We walked towards Green Lake saw it from a distance, turned around and walked back out to the Blue Lake track and finished up the loop. Parts of it were a little muddy because of the rain, but so far all the walks we’ve done have been a little muddy because of the rain.

In the summer Blue Lake is popular for recreational activities like swimming, jet skiing, and kayaking. It was nice to get it on a quiet day and enjoy the warm sun after several days of rain and wind. It left a good last impression of Rotorua for us.



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