Greetings from Windy Welly!

Is “Windy Welly” a name that Wellingtonians dislike, similar to how people from SF don’t like when outsiders call it “San Fran”.

We’re here in Wellington! Yesterday Robert and I started the next leg of our journey, we’re staying stationary for one whole month! A whole month stationary! I can’t believe it. I’m relieved and a little bored, it’s only been a day and it feels strange knowing we don’t have any where to drive to in the next day or so.

These past 2 months (what 2 months? that’s right TWO months) have been non stop moving. Sometimes it’s nice because well places are a little boring and sometimes it’s the worst. It’s mostly the worst when we’re in a place with a cozy warm bed. So we’ll see what this month holds for us. I’m going to try to get a job and play catch up with blogging. Robert in the meantime will just sit and twiddle his thumbs, please as if that’s likely. He’ll continue his part-time work and probably be a more productive human being than me, per usual.

As for now, I’ll leave you with this fun little stat: in the past 2 months Robert and I have slept in 31 one different beds.


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