To the North!

We’re back in the North Island!

First things first. The South Island is so insanely beautiful, sometimes it was unbearably beautiful, I would have to scold Robert to keep his eyes on the road while driving. Everyone told us the South Island was incredible and that we would love it and boy were they right. We were constantly taken aback by how gorgeous everything was.

Secondly, the first leg of our journey is over! In a week we’ll be heading to the Philippines for a week and a half and upon our return to NZ we’re going to “settle” in Wellington for a month! Time has certainly been flying, it’ll be nice to get a little rest; sitting in the car and sleeping in unfamiliar beds has been tiring.

I’m apparently a bad blogger, hopefully with being stationary I’ll get better.

Here’s a quick little snapshot of what we’ve been up to and again, I’ll see if I can muster up the energy to write more in depth posts about each area we were in.

From Queenstown we went to Te Anau, which is two hours from Milford sound. So we did a cruise through the Milford sound and it was of course breathtakingly beautiful and very cold. One very positive thing about being here in the winter is that it isn’t crowded AND there are no sandflies! So it’s been really nice being able to see everything without having to share it with the rest of the world and being eaten by sandflies. Unfortunately, I was suffering the brunt of my cold while we were in Milford so we didn’t do too much exploring.

After Te Anau we hopped back to Queenstown for a night and the next day we headed to Dunedin. Dunedin is a college town, but it’s also where all the Scottish people decided to live because supposedly, it was just like Scotland. We didn’t really get the college town vibe from Dunedin, but it could’ve been that they were on winter break as there weren’t very many people around. While in Dunedin we checked out a museum, did a tour of the Cadbury Chocolate factory and saw some blue eyed penguins!

Up next was Omaru to see even more penguins! We saw more blue eyed penguins and some yellow-eyed penguins.

Then it was off to Christchurch, we got to see the city in it’s rebuilding stages from the earthquake and I’ve got to say I’m a bit surprised at how much construction is already complete.

After Christchurch we drove to Nelson Lakes and did a hike. Apparently, it had been a while since we hiked cause Robert and I are both sore from it. whomp whomp.

Then it was on the way to Picton and today we rode the Ferry from Picton to Wellington and here we are, in slightly warmer, but windier, Wellington. Tomorrow we’re off to Taranaki and perhaps some hiking in our future to shake of the dust from the old legs.



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