One whole month!

It’s been one whole month (and a couple of days)! My laptop is back in my hands and we’re in Queenstown. A little over two weeks ago, while we were in Rotorua, my laptop decided that it wanted to decommission itself. Luckily, the one year warranty came to save the day and now it’s back in working order, huzzah.

Since leaving Auckland we’ve done a lot of driving. We’ve added around 2500km to Homer and have made it all the way to Queenstown. Driving has been slow and very windy. And most of it has been incredibly beautiful. A lot of farm land, but with a beautiful backdrop of mountains and recently, snow capped mountains. Also, I’d like to note that there are more farms with cows than sheep. However, whenever we see sheep there are a billion of them and they’re everywhere. I’ve taken my hand at driving, I’m very slow and it’s really better if Robert just drives. So my hats off to Robert.

Our driving has taken us to the following places (I’ll try to motivate myself and do a more indepth post for each place on a later date):

  • Rotorua: saw geysers, visited a Maori village, did some beautiful hikes, saw CA Redwoods
  • Taupo: went to two natural hot pools, did some more beautiful hiking
  • Napier: we weren’t there for very long, but it was a quaint little town reminded me of a small Monterey
  • Mt. Pukaha Wildlife reserve: saw two kiwis (they were in a enclosure, but still counts), got to feed longfin eels!
  • Wellington: very similar to SF, hills for days, good food, good beer, went to Zelandia (shout out to J. Kozono! thanks for the wedding gift), visited two floors of the gigantic museum TePapa
  • Picton: did a few beautiful hikes, one where we got hailed on!
  • Nelson: did some more beautiful hikes, drank some more good beer
  • Hokitika: more beautiful hiking
  • Fox Glacier/Franz Josef: more hiking but with glaciers!
  • Wanaka: sat by a beautiful lake, this city is supposed to be comparable to Queenstown, I would say it’s the less pretentious version of Queenstown
  • Arrowtown: super cute old gold mining town and there was a big chinese settlement here during that time
  • Queenstown: reminds me of South Shore Tahoe, tomorrow Robert Bungee jumps and then he’s going to join me on “The World’s Biggest Swing”. I couldn’t commit to jumping and there aren’t refunds if I chickened out up there sooo this was the alternative. I’ll let you know how it goes and maybe there will be a video.

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