What have we been up to?

Here’s a rough timeline of all the things we’ve done so far in Auckland:

Day 1: Arrive and walk! Here’s a map of the walk, it covered a bit of ground.
I was shocked by how many asian restaurants (along with asian people) there were, my tummy is most delighted (by the restaurants not the people, unless the people are cooking the food, then my tummy is delighted).

Day 2: More walking!

Day 3: Auckland Domain and the Auckland War Memorial Museum
Auckland Domain is the city’s largest park and of course just like practically everything in NZ, it’s on a Volcano crater and I believe the museum is on the rim of the crater. The museum was huge and there were so many things to see, I was very museum-ed out by the end of the day.

Day 4: Auckland Art Museum (free museum!)

Day 6:
Fairy Falls Hike [3.2 km – 5.6 km, we accidentally took a wrong turn so, we’re not exactly sure how much we hiked]
A good portion of this hike was uphill and instead of the dreaded switchbacks, there were the even more dreadful stairs (it was decided in this hike that I detest stairs more than I do switchbacks). Parts of it did have a nice boardwalk and it was lush enough that you didn’t feel too disconnected from nature. On this hike we got introduced to Kauri trees, a gigantic native NZ tree, that much like the CA Redwood, got decimated for timber back in the day. And as if that weren’t enough there’s currently a fungal disease spread via soil that’s been killing the trees! To combat the spread of the disease by way of your shoes, there are shoe cleaning stations by entrances and exits of many hiking trails. Near the base of the waterfall, there was a slightly sketchy stream crossing and as we were approaching this crossing two guys in flip flops overtook us and just skipped their way across the stream. NZ locals > CA Tourist in hiking boots.

Day 7:
Waitakere Dam [3 km?]
This walk looked and felt very similar to the Fairy Falls Hike, lush, green, and tons of stairs. We ended up at the dam which looked well, like a dam, but with more nature surrounding it. It started to lightly rain on our return, but there were so many trees that we didn’t really notice until we got to the parking lot.

Auckland City Track [1.5 km, off shoot from Waitakere Dam]
This was a short little loop, that we decided to do since it was there. why not?

Day 9: Drive from Mission Bay to Tahuna Torea Nature Reserves


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