Update from Thailand!

Well I certainly haven’t kept my promise of trying to stay up to date with this blog. We’re currently in Thailand, Bangkok to be exact. It’s been a wild couple of months, we spent a month in Vietnam, two weeks in Cambodia, a week in Laos, and we’re a week or so away from a... Continue Reading →



Nelson is the oldest city on the South Island and the 9th most populated city in the country. At the top of the South Island, it's also claimed to be the sunniest place in New Zealand. And to round out the Nelson fun facts, for all those beer lovers, Nelson hops are grown here. On... Continue Reading →


When traveling between the North and South Island by Ferry, the ferry terminal on the South Island is located in Picton. It's not a big town, but since it's where you catch the ferry, we have become well acquainted with Picton. The ferry ride between the North and South Island is an incredibly beautiful ride, it's... Continue Reading →


What can I say about Wellington? One of the first things we tell people when we talk about Wellington is how much it reminds us of San Francisco. From the Victorian buildings to the steep hills and lack of parking, it is very reminiscent of SF. We've been to Wellington a few times during our... Continue Reading →


The first time we arrived in Taupo, we got in late evening so we meandered around the CBD in search for a restaurant. Unfortunately, it was pretty dark at that point and a majority of the stores were closed so the town seemed a bit abandoned and uninteresting. However, since our first visit, we been... Continue Reading →

South Island Magic

Well.... it's certainly been a while. Robert and I are currently back in the South Island of NZ and hitting up some amazing spots we didn't get a chance to our first time around. In three days his parents will be joining us for a month in NZ. We took a short break from NZ... Continue Reading →

Blue and Green Lakes

Near the Whakarewarewa Forest are two lakes, one green and one blue, hence their names. On the day we were departing Rotorua, it happened to be an incredibly clear and beautiful sunshiney day. So we tied the laces on our hiking boots and did a walk around Blue Lake and part way towards Green Lake.... Continue Reading →


Fun Facts: Rotorua is bubbling with geothermic activity Due to the geothermic activity, it smells highly of sulfur 35% of the population is Maori, making one of the best places to learn about Maori history and culture We arrived in Matamata in the afternoon and walked around the city's Central Business District (CBD), it was... Continue Reading →

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